Mitel (9109-012-002-NA) Digital Line DNIC DNI BNIC SX-200


SKU: 9109-012-002-NA

Mitel Digital Line (12 CCT)




Mitel Digital Line 9109-012-002-SA BNIC (Blue)

The Mitel 9109-012-002 is a 12 port BNIC DNI line card used to connect supported Mitel digital telephones to a Mitel SX-200 Digital, Light, ML, EL or ICP system. It has blue colored writing on its face plate. 
Depending on your system's configuration, this card will support the following Mitel digital Superset telephone sets: 3DN, 4DN, 401, 401+, 410, 420, 430, 4001, 4015, 4025, and 4150.

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