Mitel Superconsole 1000 (9189-000-301-NA) Backlit Dark Grey Tilt Display


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9189-000-301-NA DARK GREY

Good Condition Cleaned (look at photos)

only blemish is the paper that can be replaced

(does not include a power supply)
Mitel Superconsole 1000 Phone Features
The SUPERCONSOLE 1000 is a practical, multi-use console for the SX-200 ML, SX-200 LIGHT and SX-2000 LIGHT systems. It can be used as an attendant console, a sub-attendant position for departments or workgroups, or as a back-up answering position. The console also provides access to system Hotel/Motel functions which integrate telephone features with guest room services such as Room Status and Automatic Wake-Up.

Features include:
* An adjustable 4 line by 80 character display
* Displays time and date, call source/destination, calls waiting
* A combination of softkeys and fixed keys for quick, accurate call processing
* 8 call hold positions
* 4 programmable keys for access to system options
* 2 headset/handset jacks for effective training and monitoring
* RS-232 port to connect an ASCII printer

Mitel Superconsole 1000 is compatible with the following systems:

SX-200 ML
SX-200 EL
SX-200 Light
SX-200D Generic 1003 & higher
SX-2000 Light


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