Mitel (9109-117-001-NA) Bay Control Card III BCCIII BCC3 SX200


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Mitel 9109-117-001-NA Bay Control III BCCIII SX200

(we have piggyback card 9180-510-001-NA available in our ebay store if needed)

Mitel Bay Control Card III features:
Requires the SX-200 ELx cabinet
Interfaces the peripheral cards with the main control card. The SX-200 EL and the SX-200 ML system can use the Bay Control Card II (BCC II)

or the Bay Control Card III (BCC III).
The BCC III may support a DSP module (single), a T1/E1 module,or a Maintenance module in a main control cabinet.
Mitel Bay Control Card III is compatible with the following systems:
SX-200 EL/ELx


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