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Toshiba (DKT3001) Charcoal Phone DKT 3001 Cleaned Refurbished - Enterprise Resale

Toshiba (DKT3001) Charcoal Phone DKT 3001 Cleaned Refurbished



REFURBISHED - 1 Year Warranty
What this includes:
Toshiba DKT3001
Toshiba Handset
Handset Cord
Base Attached
Toshiba DKT3001

Toshiba DKT3001 is a digital single-line telephone that has a hold button and a conference/transfer button.


The Toshiba DKT 3001 Toshiba Phone is a single line phone that has a message key for checking voice mail messages when applicable with a Toshiba Voice Mail installed, a flex key, a line key, a conference/transfer button to activate a conference call or transfer a caller to an associates phone, a redial key to redial previously dialed phone numbers, and a volume key to adjust the volume. 

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