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Mitel Phone Switching Systems, PBXs Mitel SX-200 (9109-600-002-NA) PBX Cabinet SX200 (Empty)
Mitel Phone Switching Systems, PBXs Mitel SX-200 (9109-600-002-NA) PBX Cabinet SX200 (Empty)

Mitel SX-200 (9109-600-002-NA) PBX Cabinet SX200 (Empty)

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 Mitel SX200 Cabinet 9109-600-002-NA (Empty)

(no power supply or cards inside)

Good Condition Clean


A Mitel SX-200 PBX is ideal for start-ups and small businesses, but can also expand to meet the needs of medium and large-size enterprises. Whether you have ten employees in one office, or six hundred spread across a large complex, a Mitel SX-200 delivers the advanced capabilities your business demands.
  • Supports up to 650 lines
  • Modular, scalable architecture - adding new networking capabilities and communications applications is a simple matter of integrating the appropriate software and/or hardware.
  • Mitel's support of open industry standards and network access protocols allows you to integrate converged voice and computing applications and emerging technologies.
  • Protected by Mitel Networks' industry-leading extended 5-year warranty and software assurance programs.
  • Designed to migrate to Mitel Networks' next generation IP platform with minimal effort and maximum investment protection.
  • Supports Mitel Networks Superset 4000 Series Telephone Sets

Using Mitel Networks' powerful Lightware™ business application communications software, the Mitel SX-200 EL offers the following advanced features/ capabilities.

  • Integrated Automated Attendant/Messaging increases business responsiveness by allowing call handling even when an operator isn't present or available.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) supports priority answering, timed and predictive overflow.
  • Networking allows you to take advantage of advanced services such as T1, ISDN, analog and private network applications.
  • Centralized Attendant maximizes resources in a network of SX-200 systems by directing all calls to an attendant a central location.
  • Centralized Voice Mail helps you save money and management time by sharing the same Voice Mail system among multiple SX-200 systems.
  • Multiple Music On Hold Sources lets your business provide a different Music On Hold source for up to 25 tenant groups in one system.
  • Support for a growing range of computer telephony applications for desktop, workgroup, help desk and call centers.
  • Reduce costs by transmitting voice and data over the same service.
  • Call Identification (CLID) allows users to identify important incoming calls.
  • Flexible Paging Options let you page individuals, groups or the entire organization using either overhead speakers or telephone speakers, whether or not the set is in use.