Mitel ASU II Analog Service Unit (50005105) with Power 50005091 Refurb


SKU: 50005105REF

​Mitel ASU II Analog Service Unit 50005105
Power Supply 100-240 V, 2.0 50/60 Hz 48 V 50005091

cards sold separately 


The ASU II is a common platform to deliver analog trunks and extension services to all markets.
It comprises a chassis with two card slots. Depending on how you configure the unit with line
cards, the ASU II chassis can support up to 48 ONS phones and up to eight LS trunks.
Two card variants (both hot-swappable) are available to support analog phones and trunks:
• 24-port ONSp card provides 24 ONS lines for provisioning extensions outside the building.
The ports on this card are protected against surge and lightning.

• 12-port ONS/ 4-port LS Trunk Combination card provides analog line and trunk capability
in a single card:
- 12 On-Premise Station (ONS) Lines for analog phones and four Loop Start (LS) trunks
for analog connection to a central office. The ONS ports on this card are protected
against lightning.
- Four System Fail Transfer (SFT) relays that provide direct connection between an
analog telephone and a Loop Start trunk in the event of a system or power failure.
- Custom Local Access Signaling Services (CLASS) is supported on the ONS circuits.
CLASS allows the 3300 ICP system to pass Calling Line ID digits and CLASS name
information to display sets that support Caller ID functionality.
Any card can fit into either slot and the cards can be inserted while the unit is operational


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