Mitel (9109-610-202-NA) MCCIII-ELx Stratum 3 III SX200 Refurbished


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Mitel 9109-610-202-NA MCCIII ELx Stratum 3 Card SX200
REFURBISHED with 1 Year Warranty
What this includes:

Mitel 9109-610-202-NA MCCIII Elx Stratum 3 Card

Performs call processing and maintains overall control through communication with up to seven Bay Control Cards. The Main Control Cards have four megabytes of RAM, one megabyte of non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), a DX module set, tone receivers, seven DSP Receivers for conferencing, and DTMF tone generation.

The MCC IIIELx is only available with a Stratum 3 clock. The Main Control Card IIIELx (installed in a universal cabinet PN 9109-610-202-NA) enables the Triple FIM Carrier card to provide three links per peripheral cabinet. The Main Control Card IIIELx can support up to 768 Port Software.


Mitel Main Control Card IIIELx is compatible with the following systems:

SX-200 ML
SX-200 EL


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