Mitel 401+ Superset Dark Grey 9113-500-002-NA 401 Phone Grade C


$10.00 $39.00

Mitel 401+ Superset Dark Grey 9113-500-002-NA

Bases on these still working Good Shape

Used Cleaned Grade C Condition - Red Button faded

401+ Phone
Handset Cord

(No Desi Paper Included)

  • Single-Line
  • Speed Dialing
  • Conference Calling
  • Transfer
  • Hold Button
  • Ringer Volume


  • SX50, SX200D, SX200L, SX200ML/EL, and SX2000
  • Any Mitel Phone System that uses a DNIC

The Mitel Superset 401+ is a single line telephone designed to be affordable and cost effective. The 401+ is a digital phone designed to work on Mitel phone systems that have DNIC cards. The Superset 401+ offers fixed feature keys such as transfer and hold. In addition, the Mitel 401+ can set up a conference call. Six programmable buttons allow the Mitel 401+ can be used to configure additional features or speed dials as needed.


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