Inter-tel Axxess (550.5030) AF EVMC Voicemail with Pal Chip 827.9144


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Inter-tel Axxess 550.5030 AF EVMC Voicemail
with Pal Chip 827.9144
IBM Hard Drive DJSA-205 5 GB 4200RPM
ADVAP Software V.

The Inter-Tel Axxess 550.5030 is a 4 port voicemail card for Inter-Tel Axxess phone systems. The 550.5030 comes with a hard drive on the board, making it an embedded voicemail card. The 550.5030 includes a 4 port expansion vantage DSPM board bringing the total amount of voicemail ports to 8 total. A 64 mailbox PAL chip (827.9145) is included with the EVMC.


  • 8 Port
  • 64 Mailboxes
  • Embedded Hard Drive
  • 16MB DRAM

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